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18 September 2014 @ 09:46 pm
 Trying hard not to be a useless piece of shit. I say that lovingly, though. Making phone calls, resolving bills, making appointments, packing boxes. I am going to the MVD tomorrow to get my state ID so I can cash out my Amazon earnings. The upcoming paycheck should be a good sized one. I have to call the makers of my router to get help setting up PPPoE for my new, cheaper, faster ISP. 

After I got back from KoLcon, I did some acid that I ordered from the internet and it was great, except for the part where the largest storm in Arizona history happened and there was a grid-wide power failure and my desktop died and it was like survival horror dark (the streetlamps went out). The only light I could carry on me was my iPod, so I tried going into the hallway of my complex, which already looks like an abandoned hotel, and then into the garage to see if anyone else was up, but no one, and I couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of me, so I figured it was probably safer just staying in my own unit. Also, being that I was tripping balls, I was only 70% sure it wasn't a drug addled delusion, and it was 3:30 AM so I didn't have any safe adults to call and ask "hey is there really a blackout and a crazy storm or am I just that high? I'm pretty sure it's not just me." I think, anyway, calling someone at 3:30 AM on a Monday night to ask would have troubled them more than I was troubled by the whole situation. Later, I discovered the power surge had killed my hard drive on my desktop. 

So, I was dealing with this shitbox laptop for over a week, and then I accidentally whimsically performed a recovery from BIOS (I just kinda pressed a key based on having a vague notion that you could do that) and now my desktop is back! 

Going through the possessions Lucas abandoned here; he is a marvelous collector of near obsolete technology. I have a tiny, but functional PS2 from him, a shitty little portable MP3 player full of System of a Down and "epic metal" and Bob Marley (white boy 2006 soundtrack), a photo printer, a Bamboo tablet (I'm keeping that one)... also a few issues of PC Magazine. Which is so hilariously outmoded I can't stand it. 

Alex is possibly moving to Mountain View. I'm tempted to beg him to take me with. It's in the Bay Area, yeah, and I am so sick of Phoenix; I really do feel like I no longer live here. What if I really just did that? Then in a month I could go and bug Li-Chi every week and ah, it'd be great. Alex offered to share a place with me in the recent past when my housing was shaky... so it's not completely out of the blue.  oh god, the idea is so tempting that I just asked him. 

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