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information scarcity is dying and I love it.

 I remember it, unfortunately. It was 1996. I was seven years old. I don't think I'd even used the internet very much, but I was the kind of little child who would stay up late and hope that in my drowsiness I'd catch some ethereal whisper about my true love. I was the kind of child who was afraid that if I stayed up past midnight, la llorona would wander through my house and steal me, so i learned to lay very still. Anyway, point being, I'm sensitive and always have been. So. It was 1996, and I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach flu. By which I mean I woke up abruptly in the middle of the night, sobbing and throwing up off the side of my bed. I was sobbing for reasons much more than being sick, though. I realized in the midst of my illness, I was throwing up directly onto my copy of the collected Calvin and Hobbes. It was 1996: this fact matters because Bill Watterson, one of the greatest cartoonists of all time, had retired. No more Calvin and Hobbes. I was weeping in my heaving because I was destroying Calvin and Hobbes, and no more comics would ever be made. I was afraid because we lived in an era where things went out of print, for good, and were never seen again.

And now they don't.

Reading the above article, I'm utterly chuffed (positive meaning). I'm thinking now how easy it would be to browse a free repository of every single C&H strip, scanned and tagged, organized by subject matter. If I remembered even one panel, I could find that entire comic in an instant. And so, someone is pairing the classic comic with Dune quotes. How delightful. It's so easy now, to mix and mash up your favorite materials like that. And so much art now involves that kind of synthesis, and mine does too. 

When I was seven, I was afraid that something that would persist as classic would be lost forever, because I did not know that information scarcity would die. And now, for better or worse, we all live forever. In these pictures, at least.

Harper Lee has died today. 

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