Callsign: Barfly (seraphicideals) wrote,
Callsign: Barfly

unlikely but true.

I can't believe I'd ever be saying this, but it's true. For me, at least.

The shitty bleach in the $11 boxed combo bleach/color sets, Splat! brand is actually better than the stuff I ordered from Sallys. To be honest, this shit didn't even burn my scalp at all, so, I dunno what to think. I mean, the burn is supposed to be a bad thing, however, I'm about to leave this shit on for two hours and go to the store and pick up another, and also the dyes... this is ridiculous. I should have bought two boxes.

Eh. Li-Chi picked her school finally. I wonder where we'll go from here. I have to figure that out soon...

all right, I rinsed out the bleach after leaving it on for two hours why is this so weak omg...

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