Callsign: Barfly (seraphicideals) wrote,
Callsign: Barfly

I have to go to an appointment at 7 AM. I'd rather sit around and watch anime instead of sleeping like some kind of decent human being hahaha.

I dunno. I've been working a lot. Trying to get my abode into a more livable space, because I'm having company for my birthday. Admittedly, I'm mostly cleaning because I can't find my thumbtacks and want to hang up some lights and also re-hang my calendar.

I don't think it's a good idea to drive 2 hours out of civilization for the offer of $3k for just some weird sex act. Right? That 3k could solve most of the problems in my life but also that'd probably be a dandy remote location for me to get murdered and such. ha ha.

I'm trying not to get myself in trouble right now. Despite my screamingly magenta and teal hair, I seem to have developed an increase in my sneaking skills -- I don't try to test this intentionally, it just keeps happening. Maybe I'm finally recovering from my bitterness a little -- I'm letting myself exist a little more. Other blogs, responding to OKC messages, and so on. I'm going to be angry at facebook for a while longer. *shrug*

yeah, anyway, i have an appointment in less than 4 hours and i'm here instead.

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